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Lucie Brothers is a locally owned and operated company that offers junk disposal, and furniture removal to homeowners, renters, and business owners in Port St Lucie, Fl. We offer affordable rates for our customers in Port Saint Lucie Fl. In addition to being local, we are also family-owned with over years of experience in the industry. We practice a safe and ethical removal process that ensures your junk is picked up and disposed of properly.

About Us

Do you have a house full of clutter? Do you often feel like junk is taking over your life? If so, we are here to help. We work with individuals and businesses across the city to help clear out clutter and make space for everything necessary. From furniture removal to yard trimmings we’ve got it all covered!

A fully licensed and insured removal company, our team is ready to help. To receive a free estimate on your removal just give one of our team members a call or fill out a quick form. To make the process easier, snap a few pictures on your cell phone of the items to be removed. You can always check out our local facebook page for more information or check out our google site.

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With our services, you don’t have to worry about bulky items anymore. With our team of talented professionals coming over to your home or business with the necessary equipment and trained personnel, removing junk is a walk in the park. Our company specializes in removing rubbish and clutter from your properties by the truck load so you can breathe easily. We’re fast, affordable, friendly, and reliable. Call now for a quick quote!

Benefits of junk hauling

  • =Say goodbye to loads of heavy lifting
  • =Prevent injury from heavy lifting
  • =Remove all types of junk, not just furniture
  • =No more renting vehicles and trailers
  • =Remove hundreds of pounds worth of garbage
  • = Reduce mess in your home and potential safety hazards
  • =Save the physical and mental work of clearing out clutter
  • =Eliminate all your junk in one day


appliance removal

Junk Removal Port St

We’re the premier garbage collection in town. Our prices are competitive, and we offer fast, efficient work. We also have an ethical disposal process that will make you feel good about your choice to hire us. Plus, our flexible scheduling means you can use our business whenever it works for you!

Begin by calling today at (772) 763-6487 or clicking this ad right now! You won’t regret it when you see how easily we rid your home of all your unwanted items. It doesn’t matter what size job or how much stuff – we do it all with ease and efficiency so that you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Call now to schedule an appointment with one of our friendly staff members, who will be happy to answer any questions and provide more information on pricing and availability.

Structure Removal Services

Getting rid of a structure in Port Saint Lucie Fl can be very hard and dangerous. 

The average DIYer will spend hours tearing down their structure, which is both time-consuming and potentially fatal.

Let the pros at Lucie Brothers handle your shed removal for you! We are licensed, insured, bonded, and with years of experience removing structures safely. Our team is ready to tackle any shed removal or garage you need to be released today. Call now for a free estimate!

Port St Lucie Hot Fl Tub Removal

You have a hot tub that stopped working, and now you’re not sure what to do with it. Hot tubs are a fantastic addition to your home, but when they stop working, they can become eyesores. Call today to schedule your hot tub removal.

We offer one day service to remove broken-down hot tubs from your property, so you don’t need to worry about where it is going or how long it will take. Our team is friendly and professional. We’ll remove the spa from your yard with no damage done to landscaping or grass.

Furniture/Appliance Disposal

Moving out is one of the most stressful things you can do. We know that moving or replacing bulky items sucks, and we want to help make it easier on you. You don’t have time for all the hassle that comes with moving, so let us take care of everything for you! 

Lucie Brothers will remove your unwanted furniture and appliances from anywhere in Saint Lucie County. We’ll haul away old couches, dressers, appliances, mattresses, and more without damaging your home or yard! Our friendly team will even clean up any mess left behind after we’re done loading your junk into our trailers.

Port St Lucie Mattress Disposal

Most people will not want to take the time and effort required to disassemble and remove a mattress or boxspring. 

If you have a new mattress coming in, it is great if your old one can go out with the trash so that you don’t have to worry about getting rid of it later. But many times, this isn’t possible because mattresses and boxsprings are too big or heavy for regular trash pickup services.

Call Lucie Brothers Removal today! We will come right over, remove your old mattress or boxspring, and haul it away at an affordable price. You won’t need any special equipment like scissors or knives either – we’ll do all the work for you!

Construction Refuse Removal

Doing a home improvement project is always exciting, but it can also be frustrating when you finish, and there are all sorts of things that need to be taken away. A lot of people will just leave these items in their yard or garage until they figure out what to do with them. This can lead to safety hazards for your family and neighborhood, as well as an eyesore. 

Hire our Lucie moving and junk removal company today! We’ll come by your house and take all of the trash away quickly, so you don’t have any more problems. Our team has been doing this for years, so we know exactly how to handle everything from old furniture pieces like dressers and tables, appliances including refrigerators and stoves, construction materials like lumber scraps and drywall leftover from remodeling projects, scrap metal pieces from old cars or lawnmowers…anything really! Call today for all your construction rubbish removal needs.


Hoarder Clean-Outs Services

When you’re dealing with a hoarder or someone who has passed away, cleaning out the home is overwhelming.

We take care of all the heavy lifting for you so that your family can focus on what matters most. It’s never easy to clean up after a loved one has passed away, and we understand how hard it is to deal with hoarding situations. 

Our team will come in and remove everything from your property – no matter how big or small the job may be! You don’t have to worry about breaking things, hurting yourself, or getting overwhelmed by clutter again! We’ll do all the work while you watch from afar in comfort, knowing that everything has been removed safely and responsibly. For a free Hoarder clean-out estimate call today.

Yard- Waste Load Up Removal

Yard waste is a common problem for many people. You’ve got to clear out all of that dead grass, weeds, and shrubbery. It’s a lot of work, but you don’t want it just sitting there on your property or in the alleyway behind your house.

But who wants to pick up yard leavings by hand? That would take forever! And what if you have more than one pickup full? Do you really want to spend another day doing this? 

Lucie Brothers has been serving homeowners in Port St Lucie Fl since 2019 with their professional removal services. We can haul away any amount of stuff from your home or business quickly and efficiently at an affordable price, so call today!

Port St Lucie Junk Removal

It’s time to destroy your junk. With so many things that occupy our space and limited living quarters, it can be hard to keep up with the clutter in our homes. This is where a professional company comes in! Lucie Brothers has been around for 30 years, and they are experts at what they do. They will take care of everything from A-Z! All it takes is one call, and they’re on their way.

Lucie Junk Removal Company is headquartered in Port St Lucie, Fl but will travel anywhere to help you out! They offer same-day and next-day scheduling depending on the urgency of your request.


How much does junk hauling cost?

Junk removal and recycling can be an expensive project. Many people are unaware of the cost and only find out when they call a company to remove their items. The question that many homeowners have is, “how much does junk removal cost?” In this blog post, we’ll explore how to calculate your total cost as well as what things are included in the price, so you know exactly what you’re getting before making a decision. 

It’s important for any homeowner with items they need taken away to do their research on pricing and understand all costs involved before moving forward. When it comes time to unload all of your junk, there are various factors at play, including type of materials being removed, the weight of materials being removed, distance traveled, and the number of trips required (to remove all of the junk.) Once these factors are taken into consideration out the team is glad to supply you with a quote.  But on average, in the state of Florida, removals range from $80 to $200 depending on the job.

Affordable removal company near me

Are you looking for junk removal near me? If so, we can help! We offer a variety of services to suit your needs. Whether it be residential or commercial junk, we are here for you. Our prices start at just $90, and our quality labor is second-to-none. Contact us today with any questions that you may have about the process and what we do!

Should I call a junk removal company when I move?

You may have a lot of junk when you move that could be considered trash. It can take time to go through all your belongings and decide what’s worth keeping and what should be tossed in the garbage can. If you want to save time, consider calling a donation and junk removal company for help! With their help, you’ll know exactly how much your project will cost before they start work on it. Plus, they’re experts at getting rid of items like furniture or appliances that are too big or bulky for most people to manage themselves.

How much does it cost to rent a temporary dumpster?

It’s no secret that clean-ups can be expensive. Whether you’re hosting a party at your home or just need to need to declutter your garage, renting a dumpster is an affordable way to make sure you’re able to discard everything correctly and keep costs low. For more information on the cost of roll offs, give our team a call today to determine the capacity needed for your project.

What do junk removal companies do?

Removal companies are a great help for people who find themselves with too much junk that they don’t want. Lucie Junk removal companies will come and take away the unwanted items, leaving you with more space in your home or office. What do junk removal companies do? They’ll remove anything from your property that is considered to be garbage or trash so you can live clutter-free.

How do I get rid of a junk car without a title?

Are you looking for a way to unload your junk car? If you are, then I have the solution for you! With just one call and very little time, we can come to pick up your old vehicle. We will tow it away in no time flatbed that is ready to go at all times. Start today by calling us now to give you an estimate on what it will cost to remove your junk car. Call now!

Port St Lucie Junk Removal

Clean It- Quickly and Efficiently | Helpful tips when someone leaves you a mess.

Hoarder Clean-out Lucie BrosFirst, visit the property to find valuables and store and remove important items. Suppose the situation includes an unfortunate situation, such as divorce or the death of a family member. It is recommended that the family member’s affairs be resolved before starting the clean-out process. When you are ready, make an appointment with Lucie Bros to come to estimate your junk project. Be prepared to point out trash and items that need to be removed from the property.

Once the details have been discussed our crew will complete the work professionally and respectfully. Unusable junk is collected and loaded to be hauled away without damaging your property. Jobs can often be completed in one business day. Although depending on the size of the project a job may take multiple trips and several days to complete. We understand the process may be emotionally difficult and challenging, we make sure to remove junk quickly and easily. Lucie Bros is recognized as one of the greatest junk removal services in Port St Lucie, Fl. We promise punctual appointments and stress-free work. Our team has the skills, strength, and resources needed to complete the project, so you can relax while working. You have many things to do, and disposing of useless garbage should be your last worry. Hiring a trash removal pro to clean up your home means providing essential assistance and friendly customer communication when you need it most. Sirgo Bro is here to help you through the difficult period of cleaning the property with professional and friendly commitment. To determine the cost of cleaning your property, book an appointment online or call us.

What is hoarding home?

Hoarding is a mental state with destructive psychological consequences. People hoard objects and items, even if they have little economic or emotional value. People with a hoarding obsession find it challenging to throw away items, and often neglect household cleaning and personal hygiene. According to the Disorder Foundation, 2%-6% of the population suffers from accumulation disorders, although many as 1 in 20 people may have accumulation symptoms. Although the conditions are complex, the tendency to hoard can be overcome.

Here are six tips that can help deal with cleaning a house full of junk: 

junk removal tips
1.Clean up now and rid yourself of the mess:

There are several ways you can make immediate progress in cleaning your house. The most important preventive measure is to clean up the mess immediately after finding it. If you see any cluttered items, move them to the proper location immediately. If there are items that can be thrown away, throw them away now, not later.

2.Clean for 15 minutes every day:

Spend 15 minutes cleaning the house every day. You can even make a weekly schedule and clean the room, 15 minutes a day. Many people who suffer from accumulation disorder, do not know how to dispose of items immediately. There are many different ways to dispose of unnecessary items.

3. Throw awayempty bottles, old groceries, and cleaning surfaces after use; is a quick way to clean up refuse on your countertops and tables.

4. Throw away anything you didn’t use within the last year. Items kept for over a year are usually related to low-value items. Old newspapers, bills and receipts, paper and plastic bags, and damaged equipment are all examples of items kept longer than necessary. A helpful rule is to throw away any items that have not been used in the past year. Following this guideline, you will avoid unnecessary piles of clothing, kitchen utensils, outdated electronics, or children’s toys.

  1. Use the OHIO method to manage your mail, and email.

“Only Handle It Once,” or OHIO for short is a method of email and mail management. This technique has two main tenets: firstly, act on the most pressing emails immediately instead of letting them linger in your inbox and secondly resolve to do any work that needs doing later at some point this week rather than procrastinating it by checking social media etc., because you’ll inevitably be caught up in those things too. The beauty behind using such an approach with regard to handling emails is that once you’ve done what needed doing during whatever time block allotted each day/week – as opposed to clearing out everything all at once when we’re tired and don’t want any more distractions – then there’s nothing left but positive vibes.

  1. How to deal with family and friends when cleaning out your home

During the clean-up process, it is essential to ensure the safety of financial documents. They are necessary for filing next year’s tax returns. Look for life insurance policies, inheritance certificates, bank statements, or stock certificates. While going through paperwork can be frustrating, remember, not everyone is your enemy. Don’t let your friends or family members discourage you. Remember, not everyone will agree to the same strategy as you, and in many cases, everyone else is equally frustrated with the situation. Communication and patience are key in working together to complete the job.

Why choose Sirgo Bros?

Lucie Bros is your local professional debris removal organization that can give single-source garbage collection. Our way of thinking is fundamental; provide excellent client care at sensible costs and the most significant level of uprightness. We continually endeavor to expand our team and organization to provide the services available.

Do I need a junk removal service?

do I need a junk removal service?Hauling junk is a unique skill that people use to remove items rejected by garbage collection and debris removal companies (usually large, bulky, and heavy items).

What happens when your household has so much trash, that your garbage collection company refuses it? Surprisingly, this is where removal companies become your most reliable resource. It could help if you explored other options for removing a large number of items from your home.

If you have a smaller vehicle, you may have to take several loads to the  junkyard, or rent a pickup to remove items yourself, which means you need to do all the hard work? To avoid renting a vehicle, paying garbage collection fees, or paying for dumpsters, consider hiring a junk removal company.  Lucie Bros knows how to properly (and legally) dispose of your junk through the proper channels and obtain all necessary permits. Let the Lucie Bros team help you handle all trash removal from your home and property. With just one call, we can make chaos a thing of the past. In addition, we can help preserve old items through donations, repairs, or recycling.

What is junk hauling?

Junk hauling Service refers to the process of collecting and transporting unwanted trash from a home or office. There is a massive difference between a professional garbage disposal company and a crew that cannot provide you with the top-notch work you need. Your junk disposal team should provide you with a free quotation. If you don’t know the specific cost, it is difficult to decide whether to use the junk disposal company. Therefore, make sure that your pick provides you with free estimates before starting work. Many junk removal companies charge by the hour, leading to high bids because the transporters are slow. If you carry a few small items and not one large item, it makes sense that you should pay less. To make sure you are hiring a reliable, professional, and efficient company ensure that your local junk collection services are thriving. Check the reviews on the Internet or read the reviews on the company website; making sure you are dealing with experienced professionals.

Your St Lucie  Fl junk removal company needs to be modern.

Times are changing. You deserve a junk removal company that makes your life easier. Can I make an appointment online? Do you have a straightforward website to describe your process? Does the company consider the environment and recycle the junk they collect? These are essential aspects to consider when choosing a team to work with. The Professionals should be able to transport almost everything for you—except for hazardous material; your disposal company should be able to collect nearly every item you need to be removed. Whether it’s building materials, electronics, garden muck, or household appliances, you should be able to have them removed with a quick phone call.

Know what you have before calling a junk removal company can simplify the process and save you additional fees

The first step to handling trash is understanding what it means for a household. At the base of this process are three types: municipal solid, industrial by-products, and hazardous materials. Understanding these types can guide you through every aspect of how your refuse is handled in order to dispose or recycle safely as well as ensuring none goes uncollected into our landfills where they will eventually decompose causing pollution with harmful chemicals such as methane gas that may seep back up into the groundwater table we drink out of daily – if not locally then globally! The first thing to do is determine the type of refuse you have on hand to make the sorting process more accessible. There are numerous types, from solid to liquid to hazardous. Browse the various services of your junk removal company, choose the team that suits you, sort the garbage correctly, and then call for an estimate.


garbage collection Port St LucieThe different types of garbage:

Solid garbage

In different ways, plastic plastic waste includes all plastic items that are no longer used. You will find plastic bags, bottles, glasses, and containers in this category. Glass -Broken glass is no longer suitable for anything. Even total glass products are classified as glass waste.


Boxes, Packaging Materials, and newspapers are some of the most common types of waste paper. 


It may include dirty water, oil spills, water cleaners, and organic liquids. Disposal of hazardous material usually falls into this category. One must be very careful when sorting such items and subsequently disposing of it. Please be careful when handling such chemicals. Whenever possible, please seek the help of experts with extensive experience in the field to solve such problems.


Waste treatment steps include:

  1. Choosing the exemplary service 

Junk removal is a tedious, time-consuming process. In order to make this task easier and more efficient, it’s vital that you perform some research before beginning any project of your own so as not to squander precious hours on the job.  There are many benefits offered by hiring Junk Removal services in Port St Lucie Fl for instance: they can provide valuable advice about how efficiently dispose of certain items; offer legal disposal services where prohibited materials need be disposed; help with cleanup after projects like construction or demolition have finished up their work – all at a reasonable cost.

A garbage company provides many options for making life less messy. Full-service and self-service trash collection are both available, the former requiring a professional to come in your home or business while the latter is done by collectors on their own time. The smartest option depends on what’s most convenient for you– some companies force professionals into your property immediately after collecting all of the stuff from outside, whereas others will leave it out there until they have enough work at hand which can take days depending upon how busy they are that week! 

  1. Sorting

Sorting is one of the most critical steps in disposal because it simplifies and speeds up the entire process. When it comes to a specific business, be sure to follow their guidelines so that you know where to eliminate a particular set of items. In some cases, mixing different types of clutter is not allowed, making recycling disposal difficult. After properly sorting the garbage, put different types of material into suitable bags/containers and leave them out for pick-up.

  1. Junk Removal Company vs Garbage man

Are you looking for a junk removal company or just your average garbage man? If you have clutter in your home, garage, attic, basement, yard then let our professional team clear it out of the way. We offer all different packages to fit any budget and we are happy to work with you on what’s best for you. Contact us today!

  1. Save Money by working with your local trash man.

What does garbage street-side services entail? Do you want to hand your trash over to a company and let them take care of it for you, or would rather bring the waste yourself? If required by law, don’t forget that there will be special locations where the accessible collections can take place!

Where do people dispose of their roadside garbage? You have two options; either give responsibility over to someone else who is tasked with collecting this type of refuse from public areas (think curbside pickup) or make sure all the necessary steps are taken on your end so as not to break any laws against dumping in designated zones.

I called Chris and he was able to haul my fridge the next day for a very reasonable price. He, along with Cory, were right on time as they moved it out of our house without damaging anything or leaving any mess behind. They also did not mind cleaning up once done! I would recommend them again if you’re looking for someone who is courteous and affordable!

Jonathan Wi

I called on a Thursday, and they were out the next morning clearing out piles of dirt and tree trimmings like it was nothing. I respect that their crews are careful about not leaving any mess behind–they even do an inspection after to make sure there’s no more cleanup left to be done! Highly recommend these guys; you’ll never have a better crew than this one.

Jennifer R

We were extremely pleased with the friendly labor that we received from Chris at Lucie Brothers. He was a person of integrity! I would highly recommend them if you are looking for an honest company to do high-quality work, and it won’t cost you much either.

Anna D

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