Six Tips to Clean a House full of Junk

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  1. Clean up now and rid yourself of the mess: There are several ways to make immediate progress in cleaning your house. The most important preventive measure is to clean up the mess immediately after finding it. If you see any cluttered items, move them to the proper location immediately. If items can be thrown away, throw them away now, not later.
  2. Clean for 15 minutes daily: Spend 15 minutes cleaning the house daily. You can make a weekly schedule and clean the room for 15 minutes daily. Many people who suffer from accumulation disorder do not know how to dispose of items immediately. There are many different ways to dispose of unnecessary items.
  3. Get Rid of trash: Throw away empty bottles and old groceries, and clean surfaces after use; it is a quick way to clean up refuse on your countertops and tables.
  4. Dispose of useless items: Throw away anything you didn’t use within the last year. Items kept for over a year are usually related to low-value items. Old newspapers, bills and receipts, paper and plastic bags, and damaged equipment are all examples of items kept longer than necessary. A helpful rule is to throw away items that have not been used in the past year. Following this guideline, you will avoid unnecessary piles of clothing, kitchen utensils, outdated electronics, or children’s toys.
  5. Use the OHIO method to manage your mail and email: “Only Handle It Once,” or OHIO, for short, is an email and mail management method. This technique has two main tenets: firstly, act on the most pressing emails immediately instead of letting them linger in your inbox and secondly, resolve to do any work that needs doing later at some point this week rather than procrastinating it by checking social media, etc., because you’ll inevitably be caught up in those things too. The beauty behind using such an approach to handling emails is that once you’ve done what needed doing during whatever time block allotted each day/week – as opposed to clearing out everything all at once when we’re tired and don’t want any more distractions – then there’s nothing left but positive vibes.
  6. How to deal with family and friends when cleaning out your home: During the clean-up process, it is essential to ensure the safety of financial documents. They are necessary for filing next year’s tax returns. Look for life insurance policies, inheritance certificates, bank statements, or stock certificates. While going through paperwork can be frustrating, remember not everyone is your enemy. Don’t let your friends or family members discourage you. Remember, not everyone will agree to the same strategy as you; in many cases, everyone else is equally frustrated with the situation. Communication and patience are key in working together to complete the job.

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Do I need a junk removal service?

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